Firmware Updater

The Cambrionix Updater Application is a revolutionary, free product from Cambrionix which allows the end user or OEM to update the firmware present on compatible Cambrionix products.


USB Fix For Syncing A Large Number Of Devices

Customers who are having issues syncing a large number of USB devices, should try this fix.

The latest version now covers more computers.


ChaSync+ (Simultaneous Charging and Sync App)

Our latest release of firmware for our range of universal charging products added the ability to enable charging in sync mode for compatible devices. The new app can be downloaded below and used immediately with the Cambrionix ‘U’ and ‘PP’ series products as well as any other Cambrionix product supporting universal charging.


LiveViewer App

This app is user friendly and the additional functionality which is provided free of charge, helps demonstrate the benefits of our patented technology.

The LiveViewer app allows you to keep an eye on the current status of your Cambrionix charger. You can see for each port if there’s currently a device attached and how much energy it is using. You can also configure the ports to either Sync or Charge mode, or switch them off.



EtherSync Connector is the software used on a client computer to connect to USB devices attached to a Cambrionix EtherSync.

EtherSync Firmware is posted here to allow our customers to update their EtherSync units for enabling new features as well as occasional bug fixes.


Cambrionix Universal Charger API

The Cambrionix Universal Charger API is a service that allows programmatic access to Cambrionix Universal Chargers.