• The U8S and U8C are pre-certified modules which help reduce the effort required for an OEM to develop an intelligent charging and data transfer product. They are available with either a 12V (EXT variant) or 5.2V (standard variant) input.
  • The U8S and U8C modules are supported by our API and allow LED or LCD front panels to be added to your finished design. Arbitrary text and animated icons can be sent to the LCD straight from our API.
  • Design-in support, UL Recognition, EMC pre-scans and a low MOQ means that the U8S and U8C modules are the lowest cost route to developing small-scale charging and sync carts/cases.


  • Small OEM charge and sync carts, cases and systems.
  • Mobile software testing / mobile software QA (SQA).
  • API controlled charging lockers which can track customer info.
  • Mobile device management and charging.
  • Retail display fixtures.
  • BYOD charging and provisioning systems.
  • Production test rigs.
  • Mobile device dock designs.
  • Intelligent furniture or exhibition designs.


  • Works with Apple Configurator.
  • Get to market fast with a certified, reliable, proven, charge and data module.
  • Application Programming Interface (API), for control and monitoring of ports, available for Mac / Windows / Linux (x86/Arm).
  • The U8S has had EMC pre-scans and is also a UL Recognised component (file #E346549) which means less work for you!
  • 8x Downstream USB2.0 ports for charging and data (also available in an 16x port variant, the U16S).
  • Access, charge and monitor 8x USB devices simultaneously.
  • 2x Expansion ports to add further U8S components.
  • Compatible with Apple Configurator/iTunes plus most MDM software and Mobile Heartbeat.
  • High-current (2.1Amp / 10W) universal charging for all USB devices.
  • Supports SDP, CDP, DCP, BC1.x, SE1, Apple, Samsung, ACA-x, YD/T-1591, RIM etc.
  • Live viewer App for port monitoring and control via a GUI.
  • Available with either a 12V/8A (laptop style PSU) input or 5.2V/18A (open frame style PSU) input.
  • 1 Year RTB warranty.


The U8S is a pre-designed module to allow a user to connect and charge 8x USB devices with a single host computer. It is a module which is ready to drop into your design to offer functionality which adds real value to your product.

The U8S should not be confused with a standard USB hub, the U8S is, like all Cambrionix products, over-engineered to provide both high current charging for 8x power-hungry USB devices as well as robust data transfer to the host and a control interface accessible via our API (application programming interface) or Live Viewer App.

In addition to being able to use an off the shelf component for your universal charging and data requirements, we offer a number of reference designs for front panel displays using both LED and LCD. These displays can be used to provide user feedback on port status, animated charging icons or arbitrary text which can be sent to the displays via our API.

These reference designs are provided free of charge and we offer design-in support.

Reliability was the number one priority when designing the U8S and as a result, we are yet to receive a statistically significant number of returned units. The U8S powers over 100,000 (one hundred thousand!) USB ports across the world for OEMs on each continent.

Our reliability means that once the U8S is built into its target system, for example a smart charging locker, you are very unlikely to experience a customer returned unit due to a faulty U8S.

Internally, the U8S has a microcontroller at its heart which allows our unique API and Live Viewer app to display information about each port and also allows the user to control those ports in a variety of ways. We have partnered with a number of component suppliers during the development of the U8S and have deep knowledge of every component used within the U8S design.

The U8S is supplied with the latest Cambrionix firmware although updating the firmware is performed quickly and easily using the Firmware Updater App which is available as a free download. We can offer new versions of firmware to add additional API features and additional charging profiles for obscure devices which may not necessarily adhere to documented standards (or not be on the market yet).



    *The U8S OEM Module is supplied as a component part and is static sensitive until assembled into the finished product. Prior to assembly, please ensure that the U8S is kept within its static shielding bag and handled within an ESD safe area.*

    The U8S is a module designed to be ‘designed into’ into a final product. The final product will need to be tested to ensure that EMC and safety requirements are met for your target market.

    The U8S is a UL Recognised module/component/sub-system (file #E346549).

    EMC/FCC pre-scans have been completed and passed with minimum 10dB headroom for Class-A industrial applications.

    All components RoHS Compliant.

    The U8S OEM module offers port ESD protection, over-voltage protection, over-current protection and over-temperature protection and complies with the latest EN60950 safety requirements for ITE.


  • Operating ambient temperature: 0 to 35 Degrees Celsius.
  • Relative humidity: 5% to 95% non-condensing.
  • DC Input (5V variant): 5.2V / 18A.
  • DC Connector (5V variant): Spade terminals.
  • DC Input (12V variant): 12V / 8A max.
  • DC Connector (12V variant): 4 Pin DIN connector.
  • DC Output: 5.2V / 2.1A per USB port.


  • Approx PCB Size: 150 x 90 x 15 (L x W x H) mm
  • Approx PCB Weight: 100g (200g boxed)
  • Supplied as: U8S component within static shielding bag and placed within a foam lined cardboard box.