EtherSync 8 port


Manage and charge your USB devices over Gigabit Ethernet LAN/WAN

  • Manage mobile and tablet devices, such as iPad and iPhone, over Ethernet. Communicate with and charge your USB devices from across your company network or
  • Share any USB device over Ethernet LAN/WAN anywhere in the world
  • Monitor and control USB devices remotely via Application Programming Interface



  • Secure mobile device management over Ethernet.
  • USB device sharing and charging over Ethernet.
  • Remote iOS and Android device staging, provisioning, erase and restore.
  • Remote management of mobile devices.
  • Global device management (WAN).
  • Secure, headless connection to mobile devices such as body-worn cameras.
  • Remotely update device content from back-office locations.
  • Applications where a reliance on WiFi is not acceptable (law enforcement, marine, military, healthcare).
  • Digital signage and point of sale terminals.


  • Available in 4 or 8 port variants as well as rack mounted (19” wide, 1U height).
  • Remotely access mobile devices over Ethernet LAN/WAN.
  • Secure, headless, device management.
  • Connect legacy equipment to an Ethernet network.
  • Dual gigabit Ethernet ports with internal switch for daisy-chaining additional EtherSync’s.
  • High-current (2.1Amp / 10W) charging for USB devices.
  • Supports SDP, CDP, DCP, BC1.x, SE1, Apple, Samsung, ACA-x, YD/T-1591, RIM etc.
  • Application Programming Interface (API) for control and monitoring of ports. Available for Mac / Windows / Linux (x86/Arm).
  • 8x Downstream USB2.0 ports for devices.
  • Runs Linux, with the option to write customer specific applications for device management.
  • Live Viewer App.
  • Robust client/server software and firmware.
  • 2 Year RTB warranty.


EtherSync is a global device management product which allows the user to connect 8x USB devices to an Ethernet network and control, and charge, them remotely. EtherSync does not require a computer in order to connect the USB devices to the network which is great for security conscious applications such as banking, retail and law enforcement agencies.
Internally, EtherSync runs a version of Linux which handles the 8x USB device connections and routes these as USB over IP to a client application which is installed on a remote computer. This computer can then ‘see’ the 8x USB devices and communicate with them as if they were connected locally to that computer. Other computers can also choose to connect to the remote USB devices as necessary. This is all performed through our client app called EtherSync Connector.
In essence, you can communicate with your USB devices from anywhere in the world whilst EtherSync will also keep the devices battery charged using our universal charging protocol.
EtherSync is supplied pre configured with a MAC address and strong, unique admin password although we offer an intuitive WebMin interface for further configuration of EtherSync features.
Updating the EtherSync firmware is quick and can be performed locally with an SDCard or remotely over the Ethernet network.
All versions of EtherSync support our application programming interface (API) which allows you to automate, monitor and control each port programatically. With the API you can monitor current consumption of each individual port, total connection time, charging time, control the front panel LEDs, turn power on/off to individual ports, emulate different charging profiles, read USB VID/PID and much more.
The API is available as a free download and is updated regularly and is well documented.
We also supply our Live Viewer App which allows you to monitor and control ports using a graphical user interface.
The API consists of a service module or daemon that is loaded on the host computer. The service module is accessed via JSON-RPC calls over a TCP/IP socket. Cambrionix provides sample Python code complete with the necessary JSON library code to be able to make the necessary calls for controlling Cambrionix products that are connected to the host computer.
It is of course possible to access the API from any programming environment that has support for making JSON-RPC calls over a TCP/IP socket.
To use EtherSync, simply connect the power and network cables and download our client software. Or, if you are a more advanced user, download our API for full control.
If you require additional ports, beyond the standard 4 or 8, then you can daisy-chain additional EtherSync units using the built-in Gigabit Ethernet switch which is accessible via the rear panel RJ45 connectors.