High-Current, Managed-Charging Appliance for 15 devices

  • Managed USB Charging allows the user to optionally monitor and control many aspects of the USB port operation to ensure that you get the desired outcome. Monitor individual port current over time, time on charge, disconnect, change profile, shutdown etc
  • 15 High-current, configurable USB charging ports offering support for any USB chargeable device whilst maintaining the high levels of safety demanded by our EN60950 and UL
  • Supports Apple, SDP, CDP, DCP, RIM, BC1.x, SE1, Samsung, ACA-x, YD/T-1591 and many more charging profiles. If a new product has a new profile, we can add it via a simple FW update using our FW Updater App



  • Universal USB device charging.
  • Retail product displays.
  • BYOD charging systems.
  • Compact charging carts, cases and systems.
  • Intelligent charging lockers.
  • Large scale USB device battery charging.


  • Compact, reliable and safe unit.
  • Independently safety tested by the Underwriters Laboratory (UL file number #E346549).
  • 15x Downstream USB ports for charging.
  • Supports SDP, CDP, DCP, BC1.x, SE1, Apple, Samsung, ACA-x, YD/T-1591, RIM etc.
  • Charge and monitor 15x USB devices simultaneously.
  • Application Programming Interface (API) for control and monitoring of ports. Available for Mac / Windows / Linux (x86/Arm).
  • Monitor ‘time on charge’, charging current and power, system temperature and much more via the API or Live Viewer App.
  • High-current (2.1Amp / 10W) universal charging for USB devices.
  • Offer safe charging stations for staff members.
  • Housed within a UL94-V0 specification fire enclosure.
  • Can be mounted to a surface using the built-in flanges.
  • 2 Year RTB warranty.


The PowerPad15C is a compact unit designed to allow a user to charge 15x USB devices efficiently and safely. The PowerPad15C should not be confused with a standard USB hub or basic, low-cost charging device, the PowerPad15C is over-engineered to provide both high current charging for 15x USB devices as well as a robust control and monitoring interface plus universal and upgradeable charging profiles for all known USB chargeable devices.
The PowerPad15C is in 24/7 operation in almost every country in the world and has enabled thousands of retail displays and charging stations.
Internally, the PowerPad15C is microcontroller controlled which allows our unique API and Live Viewer app to display information about each port and also allows the user to control those ports. For instance, with the API you could automatically disable power to a port when a device is charged, or you could choose to charge devices during an off-peak electricity tarif.
The PowerPad15C is supplied with our latest firmware although updating the firmware is performed quickly and easily using our Firmware Updater App which is available as a free download. We offer new versions of firmware, from time to time, to add additional API features and additional charging profiles for obscure devices which may not necessarily adhere to documented standards.
All versions of the PowerPad15C support our application programming interface (API) which allows you to automate, monitor and control each port programatically using a variety of programming languages. With the API you can monitor current consumption of each individual port, total connection time, charging time, turn power on/off to individual ports, emulate different charging profiles and much more.
The API consists of a service module or daemon that is loaded on the host computer. The service module is accessed via JSON-RPC calls over a TCP/IP socket. Cambrionix provides sample Python code complete with the necessary JSON library code to be able to make the necessary calls for controlling Cambrionix products that are connected to the host computer.
It is of course possible to access the API from any programming environment that has support for making JSON-RPC calls over a TCP/IP socket.
The API is available as a free download and is well documented and supported by Cambrionix engineers.
We also supply our Live Viewer App which allows you to monitor and control ports using a graphical user interface.