About Cambrionix


Cambrionix is a UK based designer and manufacturer of intelligent USB device management products. We specialise in USB2.0, USB3.0, USB Power Delivery, USB Type-C and 20/40Gbps Thunderbolt host interfaces.

Our products and components allow you to charge, transfer data and test large numbers of mobile devices reliably, quickly and safely.


Cambrionix supplies finished products and electronic components for use in hospitals, schools, homes and businesses that need to manage and control updates, synchronise data and charge USB connected devices reliably and quickly.

Power Cycling

Cambrionix technology is incorporated by system integrators into a variety of form factors including carts and charging pods, which are sold around the world. The Cambrionix ‘Very Intelligent Charging’ technology and firmware functionality allows user upgradability – for which Cambrionix is the industry leader.

Individual Port Control

Cambrionix products allow the user to monitor and control each USB port through our LiveView app, via our API or the command line. This allows you to write test automation scripts and integrate our products into existing systems.

Very Intelligent Charging

Our device battery charging methods are unique in that we can emulate any OEM USB charger and ensure that your devices get charged as per OEM recommendations. This provides protection for your devices and ensures battery longevity.

All of our products are safety tested by the Underwriters Laboratory (UL) which further strengthens our position as a safe supplier.


Our products run some pretty smart firmware which is constantly being improved to add additional features and improvements. Our customers can update the firmware on their devices using our free Updater app. We can also add customer specific features too.

Bespoke Design

Get to market fast with Cambrionix. We offer a wealth of experience in USB, Ethernet, Thunderbolt and USB Type-C design. Work with us to develop your own product using our proven design methodology.