In 2012, IKANO re-organized to specialize in green industry solution products for home and business users and also provide the 3C accessories with fantastic design.

With the capability of developing reliable product lines, professional testing and manufacturing, IKANO provides our customers global quality assurance and comprehensive green industry products such as POWER ADAPTER, LCD PANEL , INDUSTRY M/B and the fantastic design of 3C accessories for valuable solution .

IKANO is able to identify market trends and create new opportunities for business partners with our past experience. We continually grow and improve ourselves to keep the leading-edge technology in our wide range of products, such as customization of POWER ADAPTER, LCD PANEL and INDUSTRY M/B to meet the variety of demands from the customers.

IKANO has successfully established branches in the UK, Germany, Hungary, etc., and has built good relationship with several business partners in Europe. With the growing business in Europe, IKANO continually expands our business to global market. We have also built our sales channel in Asia, such as Shenzhen , Shanghai , Thailand & Japan.

IKANO’s motto is ‘Reliable, Professional and Fantastic. We have determination in meeting the global market demand, providing win-win solution to our business partners, and supporting each of our customers to the top leader in their business fields.