Efficiency :>84% at typical load and 230Vac input

Power Good Signal:On delay 100mS to 500mS

Hold Time:16mS minimum at 115Vac input and 80% full load

Rise Time:20mS maximum at 115Vac full load

Remote ON/OFF Control

Output Protection:SCP,OPP,OCP,OVP,OTP

Temperature Range:

Operating :0℃~50℃ Storage:-40℃~70℃

The power supply meet EN60950,EMC,EMI Class A level

(EN60950、EMC、EMI Class A)

Power Range

Model Name Watt

IK-BV0350 350W

IK-BV0300 300W

IK-BV0250 250W

IK-BV0200 200W